Chiron Turns Direct — November 27, 2015

On Friday, November 27, 2015, Chiron (the wounded healer) returns to direct motion after being in retrograde motion since June 24, 2015.

Retrograde motion is the time when the wounds of the past are turned inwards and your spirit weeps! If you went through something during the retrograde phase, you probably refused to deal with it or you couldn’t deal with it because it was too painful.

Now you might be ready to deal with the upsetting situation and do the hard work to put yourself back on solid ground!

You see, Chiron orbits between the planets of Saturn (hard work) and Uranus (the awakener). Saturn is related to karma, restrictions, lessons to learn and sometimes bad luck.

Saturn makes you roll up your sleeves and do the hard work to solve your problems and Uranus awakens you with insight to help you get out of a rut. If you ignore the insight from Uranus, you’ll end up with more work to do to heal your wounds and you’re spirit will continue to weep.

The Three Card Spread

Chariot-Rider Waite-Scoop1-The Chariot comes out on the first card of your tarot reading regarding the present situation. This card represents a person that is experiencing an emotional ending, but also on the verge of a new emotional beginning!

The Chariot is related to the Cancer Zodiac Sign, ruled by the Moon. The Moon rules the fourth house and represents Cancer’s true home in the natal birth chart. This house represents your inner home and where you feel safe and comfortable.

We know the Charioteer is going through something very emotional because he has just crossed a rippling body of water – this rippling water is related to the Charioteer’s imploding emotions!

Meanwhile, the Charioteer is paused in thought, and for this reason the chariot is still and not moving! The white and black sphinxes are pulling the Charioteer’s chariot through a personal battle, and the sphinxes represent a metaphor for the conscious (what you know) and the unconscious (what you do not know).

The white sphinx represents the conscious and staying in the present to overcome a personal battle, and the black sphinx represents the unconscious, the chaos the Charioteer is going through, battling against a deep emotional conflict that must be overcome!

The Charioteer wears the Crescent Moons on his shoulders and these Crescent Moons represent endings and new beginnings and a personal emotional crisis.

Despite a calm exterior, the Charioteer’s volatile emotions war within him. The sphinxes are idle and not in agreement about their destination, since each is poised to head off in a different direction. The chariot is idle because the Charioteer is pulled in two different directions!

Sometimes, nothing is what it seems to be! Can one mistake change the destiny of your life? Did your mistake sadly end up in your “Secret Vault”, the area relating to the baleful ghosts of the past! Did your experience teach you something about yourself that you needed to change, or did your experience teach you something about someone else, a revelation that took the wind out of your sails?

The blue wings on the front of his chariot, with a yellow disk between each wing, represent the thoughts and inspiration that enable him to realize his new beginning. The green grass, trees, and seedlings represent the color of the element Earth, life, nature, abundance, and the growth of a new beginning.

The Waxing and Waning Crescent Moons also stand for such feminine qualities as emotions, feelings, intuition and mystery. The Moon receives and reflects the light of the Sun, so it symbolizes receptivity and passivity, as well as reflection and emotional reaction.

But the Moon also has a dark side that remains hidden, so while it symbolizes intuition and mystery, it also symbolizes imagination and hidden things. These qualities are all clues to the meanings of any card bearing a Moon, a half-circle or a crescent shape.

In this case, the Chariot card shows Crescent Moons on the Charioteer’s shoulders, so he may be experiencing an emotional battle he must overcome about a woman that he is going to see. Further, the Red Lingam & Yoni symbol on the front of his chariot represents the sexual and spiritual union of a male and female, so it seems the Charioteer is charging after his Princess to rekindle something with a woman his heart yearns after.

Chariot, Chapter 8, Map, dreamstime_xl_24136843

The Charioteer travels the world because he needs to learn how to let come people in his life but he also has to learn how to let people leave his life. The Charioteer need to travel the world to find his mate and he will experience many adventures until he finds the woman he is supposed to be with.

This adventure brings the Charioteer in many different directions. He will travel back to the past and then travel into the future to heal his churning emotions.

The map shows that the Charioteer is headed west to see an old friend from the past because the next crossing card is the Six of Cups, the old friend from the past.

Six of Cups-Rider Waite-Scoop2-The Six of Cups crosses the Chariot which is helping you or going against you. This card is called the old friend comes back from the past. Take a look at the girl in this card and you’ll see her face in the past but you’ll also see her face in the future. Looks like the girl and boy had a falling out in the past or something happened because the girl has a sad face in the past.

The Six of Cups is assigned to the second decan of Scorpio (the planetary ruler is Neptune). Neptune asks you to sacrifice for the higher good to help others and form an emotional commitment. But if you have weak boundaries or high expectations, you could get hurt and feel like you got ran over by a bus and spend years in the house of self-undoing, healing yourself, sifting out all the illusion from the facts.

The Six of Cups also represents nostalgia, which suggests that someone is holding onto the past or going through the regrets of the past concerning an old relationship or friendship.

The shadow of the past might be toying with your emotions and it may be the exact time of the year when you parted with this person. You may feel a silent awareness about a past experience of high impact. This is a time when your emotions are flaring up because you’re examining your life or you’re still feeling the stinging experience about someone you never had a chance to experience fully.

You had the strength to move on and it probably took a long time, but at this time of the year you might experience the stinging effects of regret and feel that you’ll never fully understand what could have been.

The Six of Cups also represents an old friend coming back into your life. You might be wondering if the relationship will be new and different or end up the same way it did before. You’re not willing to repeat the past with its errors because you’ve learned about your personal weaknesses that you didn’t see clearly in the past. You let your heart rule and never expected your soul-mate to vanish and leave you looking back at what could have been.

The Six of Cups also represents your soul-mate from a past life. The soul-mate returns to your life unexpectedly and you feel a special bond with this person because they’re connected to your soul’s path. The soul-mate experience is one of the most difficult relationships to let go of and it takes a lot of hard work and self-respect to finally let go and understand why this person came into your life.

I feel that we have many soul-mates that are connected to our soul’s path, and if we are not ready and confident, they’re going to bring out your flaws and teach you something about yourself.

I also feel there is unfinished business between you and the soul-mate. I feel the soul-mate is personally connected to the experiences you still need to learn that will make you a stronger person. This may seem harsh, but I feel it is true. There is still something that you needed to get right in this lifetime to complete your soul’s journey.

The painful part of the soul-mate connection happens when the soul-mate leaves, as you struggle to understand why you had to learn a new lesson. But after the soul-mate leaves, you’ll find inner healing, and you’ll be able to put the last piece in the puzzle to complete your soul’s journey. You learned about your weakness that prevented the relationship from working and what you had to change.

Sometimes the soul-mate returns to stay. If this happens, you are both ready to be with each other because the vibration is correct and both are challenged to embrace your strengths, not the fears of the past. Both have worked on their flaws and weaknesses and corrected them. The vibration is very strong for everything to work out this time around.

High Priestess- Rider Waite-Scoop-tbcps-rw-highpriestess3-The High Priestess comes out in the outcome of your tarot reading. The High Priestess represents the secrets that are hidden behind the veil waiting to be revealed to you.

The High Priestess: The High Priestess is assigned to the Moon (the keeper of secrets). The Moon rules the fourth house in the natal birth chart and describes your roots and foundation. I also believe your psychic abilities are inherited, but they might lie dormant until you are ready to embrace your gift and spread your wings.

This house includes the protection and care that you received from your parents when growing up. The fourth house also represents your inner home, and where you feel safe and comfortable.

The fourth house represents the IC, (Imum Coeli) which is the lowest point of your natal birth chart, and describes your roots and foundation. If you believe in reincarnation; then this house also represents reuniting with your family when you pass, and where you came from in a past life, or meeting your family members that have passed. I also believe it represents a “soul level agreement” in this lifetime and also related to karmic lessons when you make the wrong choice.

The High Priestess is the secret keeper, the intuitive guide that resides inside of you, helping you make the right decisions.

When this card comes out in the upright position, your inner guide is asking you to wait patiently because there will be more dreams and messages that will be delivered to you to help you answer your heartfelt questions.

The High Priestess calls for the balancing of logic (your thoughts regarding the situation) and (your emotions regarding the situation) with balancing your intuition (your sixth sense regarding the situation).

Sometimes the facts that you seek evade you. The facts hide from you, but try as they might to stay hidden in the subconscious, they are revealed to you in dreams, visions, and spiritual realizations, releasing your secrets. Quiet the raging thoughts of your mind and strive to hear the voice inside of you and the answers to your questions will manifest.

Those times when you feel thwarted, incapable of penetrating the mystery, overwhelmed with impatience and walled in by seeming nonsense, those are the times when you will commit the fatal error of ignoring your intuition.

Your first feeling about something usually contains the truth. Once you understand this, the confusion caused by warring senses becomes resolved. The High Priestess keeps your secrets, for only YOU know what your subconscious covertly signals to you. Silence your mind enough to listen to your intuitive guide, and she will reveal the secret to your own happiness. But your intuitive guide absolutely requires your unfailing trust.

If The High Priestess appears in your reading, this is the time to inquire into your true feelings, to delineate your thoughts and assessments of your life. The High Priestess points toward the subconscious, the understanding of higher truths through dreams and intuition and a connection to the spiritual forces within. The High Priestess is the intuitive clairvoyant and her role is to create harmony and forge your inner balance.

The Guardian Angels

Front Matter, Guardian Angels, dreamstime_xl_8453340

The Planet Jupiter is the Guardian Angel Planet and your Guardian Angels work in a mysterious way, helping you achieve your Soul’s Mission!

You arrived at the timing section of the High Priestess. Always remember that you need to withdraw from your situation and wait patiently for the revelation of a secret that will be revealed to you.

This is a time when you’re asked to slow down and stay calm and quiet all the nonsense that is going on in your mind. You need to wait for information and guidance to come to you. Patiently, you need to listen to your inner voice and trust what your higher-self is telling you or trust what your highest spiritual sources are telling you. This is also the time when you’re on a spiritual mission through prayer and meditation, waiting for the memo from your higher-self (the whisperer)!

The Unconscious, Subconscious, Conscious, Archangels and Higher-Self

The Unconscious: Let’s start with the unconscious part of your brain, the area of awareness but it’s also the area that you cannot see. The unconscious holds all the data about you, including your past memories, feelings, thoughts and the unconscious runs your entire body. The unconscious will dump information into your subconscious mind through your dreams and visions and it stores everything that you have experienced.

Guardian Angels: Your guardian angel sends information to you from your unconscious into your subconscious and your guardian angel works in a mysterious way. Guardian Angels are assigned to you from the day of your birth and they stay with you until the day of your death, through thick and thin because they are your protectors and teachers!

The Message Might Be Gentle or Roar Like The Lion

Sometimes, you’ll receive a soft gentle message but other times you’ll receive a strong message that roars like a lion, and creates thunder! This is the time to stop what you’re doing and examine the unconscious, guardian angels, subconscious (the whisperer) and the conscious.

I learned that guardian angels are the only ones that are allowed to interfere with your free will! When you hear a voice telling you “DO NOT” get in your car or “DO NOT” get in the boat or “DO NOT” get on that plane or “DO NOT” go shopping or “DO NOT” trust that person, you’re receiving a message from your guardian angel and you need to pay attention and stop what you are doing and listen!

If you do not listen, you’re going to experience something that you’re not going to like and sometimes the result of not listening to your guardian angel relates to life altering conditions that you cannot change!

I also learned that when you ask your guardian angel (Archangel) for help, your guardian angel is going to help you find the answer. You may not hear your guardian angel speaking to you but your guardian angel will direct you to find the right person or the right source that will give you the answers you need to solve your confusion.

The Subconscious: Now let’s look at the subconscious mind that obeys the commands it receives from your unconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is related to your intuition (the time when you’re searching for the truth in order to solve your problems), dreams (your dreams represent what happened in the past but also what will happen in the future), visions (your visions are related to a hidden prophecy or timing of an event that will happen or something that happened in the past), and the secret memo (the secret memo comes from your “higher-self or higher-source” revealing secret information).

All the information that you receive from your subconscious brings you into that “AHA Moment” and this information is related to what you need pertaining to a particular person or a particular situation that helps you make the right decision, but also helping you avoid making the wrong decision. Your subconscious mind serves you twenty-four hours a day and does not sleep, and your “higher-self or higher-source” is busy writing memos to you about what you crave to have or what you need to let fall away from you. This memo relates to your personal experiences that will lead you into good or bad times.

The conscious mind receives all the data that you will experience. The conscious makes you take action, but also asks you to make a heartfelt decision that will be either positive or negative. This is the part of you that says “YES or “NO” and you will either accept the data or you will reject it.






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