Changes for the Better: Onward and Upwards!

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it memorable.” These are the first words in a book I wrote 10 years ago.

Taking a moment out of all the craziness you live every day, to remember this is important, not only to the longevity of your life, but to the quality of life you are living.

And as the new year of 2015 is well underway, I am reminded that I need to practice what I preach, and refresh my memory. The book I wrote is called You, Only Better. I feel a need to do an overhaul and reassessment for 2015. Maybe you do too?

As a psychic an intuitive spiritual counselor, my day is filled with questions and queries, energy and emotions, that are not even mine. It can be difficult to release and let go. And as a mother, partner and your everyday person, life can be crazy and changes required.

As the first paragraphs of chapter one says, realizing and admitting that changes need to happen, is the first step. Taking action, is of course next, once you can say, “I need to change.” It is only then does spirit and our angelic helpers step in, once you decide something needs to be done.

Having faith in the process is just as important as doing something to make the changes you want to see in your life.

One of the most important actions we can do, once we begin the journey to change things in our lives, is to let go. Let go of all the things that do not serve us, or our purpose or passion. This can be very hard! As sometimes we realize we need to let go of people, or jobs, or habits.

To let go of all that does not move us forward, but what keeps us anchored to the past, is a brave and courageous action, one that is frightening at times, but can be very rewarding. We all come face to face with the need to let go. One day you will just wake up and be ready to do it, and only then, will you be able to move on towards change.

Once you have let go of whatever is holding you back from living life the way you want to live it, you will need to maintain a healthy attitude, body, mind and spirit.

Proper exercise, eating and sleep, along with meditation and balance, with a good amount of faith and staying in the positive, will get you to your destination of changes you want to see in your life.

Remember everything comes and goes; people, jobs, money, relationships and situations. Just look back at your life and see where you once were, and where you are not today. And because you knew you needed changes before, you let go and had faith, and kept moving forward.

It’s time to do that again. Take action, and move onwards and upwards along your journey of life! If you are interested in a copy of my book, you can order it from the publisher HERE. All clients who order a reading via Psychic Scoop will receive a free eBook copy of You, Only Better!

Many Blessings as you change for the better.

~Onwards and Upwards!~



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