Cancer New Moon Card Reading: Results

Cancer New Moon Card Results

As promised — here are the results for the Cancer New Moon Card Reading that was posted on July 13th.

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The results for this month’s 8 cards are posted below.

These cards reveal your specific message for the July New Moon which takes place on Wednesday July 15th at 9:24 pm EDT. We’ll do the same for the Leo New Moon, next month (on August 14th).

The Sabian Symbol for this degree —  23° Cancer 14′ — is “A Woman And Two Men Castaways On A Small Island Of The South Seas.” This is an interesting symbol in light of the changes we’re undergoing in our society regarding the acceptance of the gender and relationship differences. We have to remember that despite those differences, there’s still room for all of us on this tiny planet we call Earth.

The following Eight cards cards were selected to represent eight different areas of focus. They’re also tied to eight different lunar aspects that take place during this cycle. These are all conjunctions between the Moon and each of the planets (excluding the Sun as the Sun is prominent for everyone during a New Moon cycle).

Here are the interpretations for each of the positions, starting with card 1:


Card 1 — Moon conjunct Neptune: If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Neptune will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on August 2nd at 9° of Pisces.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is: “An Aviator Pursues His Journey, Flying Through Ground-Obscuring Clouds.”

The Moon / Neptune cycle encourages you to pay attention to your dreams, follow your intuition and heed your own inner voice. It speaks of finding your place in the Universe and becoming one with it in the process.

The Sabian symbol reminds you to look past what is right there in front of you and direct your attention toward a higher purpose. The “clouds” in this image may obscure certain portions of the sky but they wind their way toward an infinite and ever-expanding center.

You may be going through a spiritual reawakening during this cycle. You want to be mindful of the messages you receive during this time as they are likely to shed light onto some of you most pressing questions.


Card 2 — Moon conjunct Jupiter: If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Jupiter will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect completes on July 18th at 24° Leo.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is: “A Large Camel Is Seen Crossing A Vast And Forbidding Desert.

Jupiter is the planet associated with benefit, gain and fortune. It’s also lucky: just look at the image in this card. You can see a sort of holographic 4-leaf clover, piles of coins and a series of ever-expanding paths.

The Sabian Symbol reference says that no matter how long or far the journey ahead, you have both the resources and the capacity to keep pushing forward.

As Jupiter is associated with personal expansion, you may be planning a trip, taking a class, or embarking on a new spiritual journey during this cycle.

You may also run into some favorable financial opportunities during this cycle. Receiving “Pennies from Heaven” and being the benefactor of someone’s generosity are both possibilities.This is a period of benevolence, good fortune and luck.


Card 3 — Moon conjunct Mars: If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Mars will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on August 13th at 2° of Leo.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is: “A Middle-Aged Woman, Her Long Hair Flowing Over Her Shoulders And In A Braless Youthful Garment.

If you think Mars gets a bad rap you’re probably right. There’s an awful lot of emphasis on anger, impatience and impulsiveness where Mars is concerned and not enough emphasis on courage, daring and drive.

But look at all those fiery balls of energy emanating from the surface of this card. That’s Mars / Moon in Leo in action. It’s passionate, dynamic and enthusiastic. It’s full of anticipation and enthusiasm; It’s toes, raring to go and ready for anything.

The Sabian Symbol reference says that this cycle should be about letting your hair down and expressing your individuality in ways that defy convention. It says it’s time to take charge, take risks and be willing to take a stand.

venus-glyphCard 4 —  Moon conjunct Venus:  If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Venus in Virgo will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on July 18th at 0° Virgo.

The Sabian symbol “In A Portrait,The Significant Features Of A Man’s Head Are Artistically Emphasized” speaks of the ability to envision things in their purest most idealized forms.

Venus is the planet of beauty and love. Virgo relates to craftsmanship, analysis and perfection. It is also associated with health and healing — particularly natural remedies.

This image ties into the yin / yang symbolism associated with Venus, as well as its upcoming retrograde motion. The Virgo propensity for seeing the patterns in nature is also referenced here.

During this cycle, you want to be surrounding yourself with love, beauty and harmony, as well as finding ways to express yourself artistically and creatively. As Venus is also tied to love and romance, reconnecting with someone from your past (during the upcoming retrograde cycle) is also a possibility.

saturn-cardCard 5 — Moon conjunct Saturn: If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Saturn will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on July 26th at 28° Scorpio.

The Sabian symbol is: “An Indian Squaw Pleading To The Chief For The Lives Of Her Children.

Saturn is now retrograde and back in watery, deep, mysterious Scorpio. The emphasis is on secrets, mysticism, arcane knowledge and wisdom.

The Indian Squaw reference in this Sabian Symbol speaks of acknowledging  those who are in need of nurturing and protection. Retracing our roots (the retrograde) and embracing our heritage are also referenced here, as is appealing to a higher power. The focus during this cycle will be on turning inward and exploring hidden regions of your own psyche.

As Saturn is in mutual reception with Pluto during this time, there will be emphasis on getting to the heart of matter and undergoing profound personal changes. This can be a tremendously empowering cycle for you as long as you’re willing to dig deep.


Card 6 — Moon conjunct Uranus: If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Uranus will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on Aug 5th at 20° Aries.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is: “A Pugilist Enters The Ring.” You might think this is about fighting for something you believe in (or just bracing for conflict in general). But if you know anything about Uranus, you know to always expect the unexpected.

Uranus and Aries are both archetypal mavericks. They’re associated with progress and innovation. They’re movers and shakers; ready to take on the world and leave their unique imprint all over it.

During this cycle you’ll want to test your own limits, think outside the box and march to the beat of your own drum.

There’s a radical and somewhat rebellious energy associated with Uranus in Aries. But this is not about doing things for shock value, it’s about truly finding your own unique voice and learning to use it to change the world.


Card 7 — Moon conjunct Chiron: If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Chiron will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on Aug 3rd at 20° of Pisces.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is: “Under The Watchful And Kind Eye Of A Chinese Servant, A Girl Fondles A Little White Lamb.

This symbol speaks of compassion, humility and caring for others. Chiron is known as the wounded healer, indicating an ability to bring comfort and solace to those who need it, even when we’re struggling with finding it in ourselves.

This aspect is loaded with kindness, empathy and understanding. It’s capable of loving the unlovable and forgiving the unforgivable. There’s an unparalleled capacity to accept people as they are, knowing that we’re all just doing the best that we can.

During this cycle you want to look at the guidance you bring to others and see how it might also be useful to you. The Chiron / Moon aspect encourages you to embrace you own wisdom and allow it to bring healing — to yourself as well as to others.


Card 8 — Moon conjunct Pluto: If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Pluto will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on July 30th at 13° Capricorn.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is: “An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite Remains A Witness To A Long-Forgotten Culture.”

The focus here is on history and the past. Seeing how far you’ve come with what little you had and how much you’ve accomplished as a result.

This doesn’t only apply to mundane concerns — although chances are good you’re making headway in your career, your finances and your place in the world.

It also references the changes that you’re undergoing emotionally and spiritually. How much you’ve grown and matured and how it’s all starting to come together.

You can make great progress during this cycle in all aspects of your life. Just like the wheels and cogs in this image can be seen working together, it’s time to celebrate the aspects of your life that are starting to fall into place.




**If you’re wondering about the Sun and Mercury, there’s a reason that neither of them are included in this list. The Sun is prominent for everyone during a lunar cycle, because it is the Sun / Moon conjunction that kicks the whole thing off. As for Mercury, due to its current relative speed, there is no conjunction between the Moon and Mercury during this cycle. They come together just prior to the Cancer New Moon (on July 15th) and then meet up again just after the Leo New Moon on August 14th.


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