Ask a Psychic: Will I Get Back with My Ex?

This week’s question was submitted by a client who is going through an extremely rough period after a breakup with his girlfriend of 14 months.

He says that everything was perfect during the time they were together, and that they had planned their entire life together, including marriage.

He felt that they were soul mates.

Over the last month, she’d started to withdraw and he reacted to that by breaking up with her, in the hopes that it would shake her up enough to realize how much she loved him.

Now he regrets breaking up as she not only doesn’t seem to be affected but has remained distant. He asks whether the relationship is truly over, or if there’s hope for reconciliation.

The following is Psychic Jen’s response, keeping in mind that the different readers on the site will be answering one question per week from those submitted by our readers:

Here’s her response:

Thank you for your question today. In looking at your relationship and situation I have 3 cards that have come out, the Knight of Coins in reverse, the Devil (15th major arcana) and the Seven of Swords.

For this reading I’ve used my all-time favorite tarot deck — Tarot of the Witches.


The Knight of Coins shows me that there was stagnation, and a lack of interest or direction and the relationship was showing signs of being limited. She was getting bored with the relationship, and there was lack of communication regarding this fact.

Either she simply did not tell you she was not as interested in you as she once was, or she did try to talk to you about how she was feeling, and you may have overlooked her desire to spice it up.

Additionally I must add here that there may be another male involved in her life, either a family figure or even another male friend, who had influence to her starting to pull away from you and the relationship.

The Devil card is showing the longevity of the relationship as 15 months, and that a release is needed from it, in order to move on. When this card shows up when looking into a long-term romantic relationship, one or both parties may have gotten to the point where they feel as though they are trapped in the situation.

She has shown you signals that this is the case, which would indicate the need to try and talk about it, if you want to save the relationship. This card also sometimes appears when there is really nothing to be done but to end an unhappy relationship. You may have been happy and thought everything was awesome, but she may not have felt the same. We always have choices.

So if you want to try to rekindle the relationship you need to take steps to keep the magic alive. And if you are seeking her love again, this card may be a signal that you’re reaching the point of desperation, an attitude which definitely drives off our lovers. This cards asks you to consider taking a short time out from relationship-seeking and get to know yourself better and what you can truly bring to her and a renewed relationship.

The Seven of Swords shows us new plans, wishes and efforts in spite of the uncertainty, an attempt, with hope and confidence. It also indicates a need for trust within the relationship. It is also showing a time frame of 7 from now, so 7 weeks from now or over the next 7 weeks of time.

I would suggest here that you take action then, and start talking to her again then, and really communicating with her, listening to her and offering solutions to the reasons why she became distant to you and pulled back, and letting her know that you do want to try again and make things right with her.

You do need to have full trust in her, and realize that she may have been close to another male or even dated during this “break”, but by you being mature about it and letting her know you are willing to make changes, that is all the effort that is needed. If she is willing as well to see if that spark can ignite again, she will let you know.

I feel that by July of this year, you will know without a doubt if this relationship can be worked out, and if it truly is over or not.

Wishing you all the best with your journey. If you are interested in a more in-depth reading please feel free to contact me:


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