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I am a Spiritual Advisor, Career Consultant and Life Coach. My insight is for those who believe there is a higher power waiting to be respected, acknowledged and asked for assistance. I am a published author with an extensive international clientele.

Where Can I Meet New People? How Can I Find My Soul Mate?

meet people

After years of doing readings for clients, a common theme that arises is: Where do I meet new people? Where is my soul mate?

There are several ways to think about this question. I believe that there is a balance that must be achieved. It’s a balance of both meeting the Universe halfway by doing your part and having faith that the Universe will make that way.

This means you do not need to know the ‘how’ of things: you just need to trust that there the outcome you create will be for your best and highest good.

Psychic Clarity


Have you ever been afraid to ask a psychic for clarity?

Don’t ever worry about asking a question or offending a psychic.’ You ask because you want to understand. I never see questions as offensive or insulting. You want clarity and that is why you come to us.

Just like a doctor or lawyer, psychics and mediums are learned experts in their field. Real psychics, real mediums will never feel threatened by your questions.

We do hope that you will ask with respect and not in a confrontational manner, since there is never an excuse to be just plain rude. Asking a psychic if they are ‘connected’ is rude.

Soul Mates and Soul Contracts


The philosophies and knowledge that psychics and all metaphysical teachers embrace, are all something we as individuals come to through study and what feels right or what has proven out to us in reality on a personal basis.

The lessons never end.

I am of the philosophy that Soul Mates are people with Soul Contracts.

The soul contracts are soul agreements that were made together between both souls before you and the other soul ever came to this world.

These Soul Contracts make the two individuals Soul Mates. I believe that those soul contracts are to be fulfilled, as they are what you have chosen together, before you came to this lifetime.

Social Media and Virtual Cheating: Is Facebook Harmful to a Relationship?

virtual cheating

Back in the day, when psychics did local organic readings, meaning face to face, before you could hyper link to a virtual online reading anywhere, we never saw some of the concerns that come up regarding relationships.

One of the most common concerns I hear from my clients has to do with Facebook, dating sites like and social media.

They are concerned with virtual cheating in their relationship.

If these concerns occupy your thoughts, let me give you some smart tips, the straight skinny, the 411 from the Universe on real cheating vs. virtual cheating in a relationship.

As a psychic, I can tell you that the information that I have received from my guides regarding these sites goes back to old school values in a relationship. Facebook, dating sites and social media are all like being in a bar.

Unlocking and Developing Your Psychic Talents

psychic talents

Everyone possesses clairvoyant skills, including you. Your skills must be reawakened through efforts of learning/study, practice and exercise.

While some seem to show and use their skills at a younger age, it is simply because they are remembering their skills from past lives sooner, acknowledging them and putting them to use.

Just like any other sense you are born with, if you do not use it, you will loose it.

The more you practice/exercise your skills the sharper they become and the more easily accessed.

How exciting to know your psychic skills and abilities are already there! You must just open yourself up to them and begin to explore what ‘tool’ draws you to be able to tap into your ability.

I was taught long ago to find what you feel best at and hone your skill there. That does not mean you cannot use or develop several methods; but everyone finds what tool they prefer best and that seems to be the ‘key’ which unlocks their psychic abilities.

Lark Eden

My name is Lark Eden. I am a published author as well as an internationally acclaimed psychic and clairvoyant.

I am known for accuracy and timelines. As a Spiritual Advisor, Career Consultant and Life Coach, my insight is for those who believe there is a higher power waiting to be respected, acknowledged and asked for assistance.

I have over 25 years’ experience in career and business forecasting. I am published internationally on the subjects of Spirituality and Religion, Reincarnation, Wicca, African Magic, Love and Money Magic, also Tarot, Occult, Dream Analysis, Numerology, Eastern Philosophy, Kabbalah, Love and Relationships under the pen names of Lark Eden and Eve Hawthorne.

Karmic Soulmates


Karmic Soulmates are those who have shared at least one previous incarnation together that ended on a sour note.

They meet up with each other again in a subsequent lifetime in order to complete any past lessons/rectify any residual karma, which then affords them the opportunity to attain closure and move on.

Unfortunately, they usually end up accruing more adverse karma in the process. It’s possible for Karmic Soulmates to progress to the next level of the union, instead of separating, if both parties desire this and apply mutual effort.

However, usually at least one partner deviates from this path over time because to conquer all of these goals in a singular lifetime and then to still have sufficient love/desire to be with the alternate partner proves too daunting; usually resulting in indecision, stagnation, and inability to commit.