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I am a professional psychic and energy worker with a vast array of skills and techniques. I am proficient in tarot, lithomancy, reiki, chakra readings, aura readings and many other techniques.I work with angels and spirit guides to bring you the most accurate and comprehensive information possible.

Crystal Therapy: Three Crystals for Fitness

Living a long and healthy life is a goal for many, and developing personal fitness goals and strategies plays a key role in experiencing a long and fulfilling life. These crystals are suitable for individuals at any level of fitness, and can often add a greater depth to the experience of fitness goals. If you are just starting out on your journey of fitness it is important to develop a support system that will help you with your goals. I highly recommend discussing your fitness goals with your doctor, and make sure you develop a strategy that promotes your overall health as well as a practice that suites your lifestyle.

Crystal Therapy: Five Crystals for Angelic Connection

Connecting to angels can be a beautiful way of connecting to Spirit. This week’s topic for discussion is using crystal therapy to help you connect to these high vibration beings that exist in our reality.

To begin let’s discuss angels briefly. Angels are an extension of our source, and are loving, light beings that can help us in our everyday life. They are ministers of the Divine, and bring Divine energy and healing energy. There are different classes of angels such as guardian angels, archangels, and the ministry of angels. From my experience when clients are first connecting to angels it is best to start with their guardian angel, because the guardian angel is often familiar energy. This is the angel that has been with you from birth, and has a mandate to follow you through your entire life experience.

Crystal Therapy: Five Crystals for Forgiveness

This week we are discussing forgiveness, and crystals that are associated with releasing stuck energy due to past events. Before we discuss crystals, let’s first look at the process of forgiveness and what it is and is not.

Forgiveness is not letting someone get away with something, it is not allowing bad behavior to continue, and it is not forgetting. What forgiveness can do for us is that it allows us to be free. When someone wounds us, energy can get stuck within us. Stuck energy is very uncomfortable energy, because it is a form of conflict in our life experience. Our lives are like a moving river, and if you have ever been on a torrential moving river it is not fun being stuck. Forgiveness is the process of getting back into the flow of life, and learning from the patterns of the past. By being willing to forgive we find the power to live.

Crystal Therapy: Top Five Healing Crystals

In our crystal therapy session today we will be discussing stones and crystals that have healing energetic properties. Crystals and their energy are by nature healing. So, today we are going to highlight a few crystals that have a specific vibrational quality to heal, and are especially complimentary therapy to your other healing strategies.

Crystal Therapy: Five Crystals to Dissolve Negative Energy

Today’s crystal therapy session is all about dissolving and dispelling negative energy. It can be challenging to stay focused when we are surrounded by negative energy. Sometimes our work places can and even our home environments can be emotionally toxic environments that can make it difficult for us to stay in a positive frame of mind. Crystal therapy is one thing that we can apply to our everyday lives to assist us in dissolving negative energy.

Crystal Therapy: 3 Steps to Choosing The Perfect Crystal

Our crystal therapy session is a “how to” discussion about choosing the crystals that are right for you. When venturing into a new mode of healing, it is important to stay engaged with that mode to the best of your ability. Making sure that you have the right tools is an integral part of the process. This week we will discuss how to pick the right crystals for you, and three ways of identifying crystals that will benefit your crystal therapy sessions.

Angel of Kindness

I had an encounter about a month ago with the angel of kindness. As I painted her, and engaged with her I didn’t realize the green triangle had formed around her.

The following morning after painting the picture I had encountered the archangel Raphael who said to me, “I stand behind kindness, for it is kindness that facilitates all healing.”

I realized that the green triangle was Raphael, whose name literally means God heals.  I then realized that it is through kindness that all healing is facilitated.

Crystal Therapy: 3 Ways to Develop Intention For Crystals

In previous blogs I have discussed how to clear the energy from minerals & crystals, and also how to activate the matrix energy that exists within minerals & crystals. Now it’s time to discuss practical use. Crystal energy is subtle energy, and aligns itself with your intentions. The best way to use crystals in your everyday life is to set an intention for crystals. Here are three great ways to set your intention.

Crystal Therapy: Three Ritual Methods to Charge Crystals

When using crystals in a therapeutic way it is best to develop a method of crystal charging for your practice. Most practitioners agree that using some form of ritual or energy healing method is the best way to activate the energy matrix inside of crystals. Here are three of the most common ways to activate the energy matrix in crystals. It is best to do these ritual practices after the crystals have been cleansed. For more about cleansing crystals please review the previous blog related to cleansing crystals.

Crystal Therapy: Crystals for Chakra Alignment

In this blog I will be discussing stones and crystals that have energetic properties to bring about balance within your energy body which is known as your chakra system. To understand how crystals work, I first want to discuss resonate energy. Resonate energy is the vibrational quality of the things around us. Everything carries an energy signature, and the reason why crystals are quite popular in metaphysical practices is because the resonate energy of crystals is often a higher frequency than other tools and objects. This is due to their unique matrices and minerals within each crystal.

Crystal Therapy: Three Crystal Cleansing Rituals

Crystals hold energy, so when you first get a crystal it is best to “cleanse” them before use. This does not mean that the vibrational energy within the crystal is not valuable without cleansing, but I have found that cleansing my crystals regularly brings out the best quality of experience in crystal therapy. Here are three methods of crystal cleansing routines. There are several different methods for cleansing, these are just three common methods.