Ask a Psychic: How Can I Attract Love into My Life Again?

attracting love

This week’s question was submitted by a widow who recognizes that she’s developed some blocks in attracting a new relationship into her life.

She’s been single since her husband passed away 9 years ago and is now in her 50’s. She is young for her age and very active physically and mentally.

She has many close friends and is active in her community. She’s involved in study and loves to travel and has a strong spiritual connection to life.

While she has many interests that are very fulfilling, she longs to have a partner to share things with. After having grieved the loss of her husband and learning to accept his passing, she now wonders what she can do to attract a relationship for this time in her life.

Psychic Aura responded to this week’s question. The following is her response:

Thankyou for submitting your question to Ask a Psychic. For your reading today I am using the Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards deck by John Holland.

This is a powerful deck that brings forth specific insights, purpose and guidance to your soul. I will be doing a three card layout for your reading today.

The positions of the cards are: The Past (the foundation), The Present, (where you are right now) and The Future (direction of energy as it stands).

Here is the spread:


The Past:

Wisdom. This card reminds you that you are a spiritual being with unlimited potential. In the past you gained a valuable depth of insight and wisdom through and beyond the journey of grief and you have obtained a great level of enlightenment and awareness. From here you discovered answers within the very soul of your being. It was a time of wisdom and growth even if it did not seem to be that way at the time.

On the card we see a man facing towards the radiant sun. He holds the book of wisdom under his arm. Within this book holds the answers to the future. In the distance two people stand outside their little house with doors open ready to greet him. The dog at his feet is a reminder that you are loyal and truthful to yourself too, your own best friend.

You will be of great assistance to those that respect and value what you can give them. Your knowledge and wisdom will be sought after. The card also shows a sense of community and this may have been a strong foundation for you in the past where important connections were made. The sense of community is an important direction for you. There is a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Over time, the student becomes the teacher, and others may soon seek out and find you. This card reminds you that you have so much to share whether you realise it or not.

The Present:

Positive Movement Forward. The energy of this card shows that you are a true artesian and have the skills, knowledge, gifts and talents to to assist you to advance in a positive direction. The number eight also relates to prosperity and abundance. The Wisdom card suggests that your past journey has brought you to a place where you are hearing an inner calling to engage in the fields of art, music or education. When you follow and build upon your passion, the soul can truly express itself. An opportunity could suddenly appear with an offer for you. Notice if there are areas of passion that you resonate with or are trying to manifest into your world.

Looking at this card we see a yacht setting sail upon the sea. The sails are set to the wind and we can see that the horizon is in sight. This is a card of achieving your goals and mastery. The sun shines upon the water depicting confidence and success. The bird in the sky is a message from your higher consciousness to pursue creative expression.

The red border on this card relates to the to the base or root chakra situated at the base of the spine. The base chakra resonates with your earthly issues such as survival, safety and ‘groundedness’. To balance this chakra, practising yoga can be extremely beneficial. Dancing and exercise will also keep the energy flowing and harmonious. Honouring your body and taking care of it will bring you well-being on the inside as well as the outside.

The Future:

Love Begins. This card signifies that a new love opportunity beckons. On this card we see two hands holding a bowl of water that is flowing into the lake below. Your cup is about to overflow with love and joy. Water in the tarot is about feelings, emotions, creativity and the unconscious. A rainbow arcs overhead connecting the present to the future along with the promise of what is to flow forth into your present. It can also represent the passion for an idea or a goal or a new creative pursuit.

This is a perfect time to open yourself and your heart to the higher vibrations and loving energy of the Universe. When past issues are resolved and your heart is truly open and ready to receive, then new roads leading you towards love will be illuminated and revealed.

The border of this card is green and connects to the heart chakra. The heart chakra represents love, compassion, harmony and healing. It is believed to be the link between your mind body and soul and to the higher self. Balancing this area releases emotional blocks and allows for the free flow of love for the self and to extend out to others and also to what your have a passion for in the world.

In summary, this reading is showing you that if you connect to that which fills your soul with happiness and do what you love, you will find true love again. Balancing your chakras releases any blocks. From here you will co create a new journey of wonder and exploration, sharing your unique gifts and wisdom with another soul who resonates on your vibrational frequency. Yes, it is safe to go forth and explore what is in store for you on this part of your souls journey right now. The present is the choice point!

I hope this reading has helped you today. If you are seeking clarification or would like a more in-depth look at your situation or any other matter that you are seeking insight onto feel free to contact me here via Pure Chat and I will be happy to assist you!


Many Blessings,



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