Ask a Psychic: Can This Marriage Be Saved?


This week’s question comes from a woman whose marriage has suffered a series of what seem like insurmountable setbacks over the past two years.

She and her husband have been separated for more than a year, after confirmation of his earlier infidelity. She’s filed for divorce and has tried to go through the motions of moving on, but is struggling with that decision.

She still loves her husband and he says he loves her and wants to try again, but hasn’t taken steps to make that happen. In fact he hasn’t kept any of the promises he’s made.

Ask a Psychic: Will I Get Back with My Ex?

This week’s question was submitted by a client who is going through an extremely rough period after a breakup with his girlfriend of 14 months.

He says that everything was perfect during the time they were together, and that they had planned their entire life together, including marriage.

He felt that they were soul mates.

Over the last month, she’d started to withdraw and he reacted to that by breaking up with her, in the hopes that it would shake her up enough to realize how much she loved him.

Ask a Psychic: Am I on the Right Career Path?

This week’s question comes from the winner of a recent contest on Facebook where the prize was a free mini reading.

As we do sometimes offer promos on the various social networking sites, this is a good way to get your question submitted for consideration, along with submitting them to us directly.

This client had a question about her career path.

She said she felt like she was in a state of limbo and was wondering what steps to take to continue pursuing her career in metaphysics. The following is Fiona’s response:

New Feature: Ask a Psychic


This week we’re pleased to announce a new Spiritual/Intuitive advice column that will be a regular weekly feature of the Psychic Scoop.

We’ll be hand selecting and responding to questions submitted by our fans on a variety of topics.

Are you having problems in your relationship, undertaking a significant life change or perplexed by a family member?

All of he psychics, astrologers, intuitive healers and other specialists will take turns responding to questions each week in the published column.