Ask a Psychic: Where Do I Go From Here?


This week’s question comes from a client who is going through a very recent breakup.

Her boyfriend — whom we will call John — ended things with her saying that he had career opportunities in another region and did not see himself maintaining a long distance relationship.

Our client wonders whether this was the real reason he walked away or if it was just an excuse, as she suspects that his parents were not in favor of their union.

She’s now left wondering where she is to go from here? She’s seeing how she put a lot of other things aside — her own career goals for example — in order to focus her attention on the relationship with John.

She’s coming to the end of a contract (at work) the end of this month and realizes she hasn’t made decisions about what she wants to do when the contract ends. She’s torn between continuing with “work” — which pays the bills — and focusing on her calling (pursuing a career in holistic medicine) which would require her to take a huge leap of faith.

This week Cristina takes a look at her question, using the gorgeous Mythic Tarot and a three-card tarot spread. Here’s her response:

Blessings to you and thank you for allowing me to do a reading for you.

After reading what you’ve written, I can clearly see you are quite enlightened when it comes to spirituality. You are now listening more to your spirit guide because you are going towards the direction of
cleansing and changing the way you look and think about the world. I also see that although you’ve had this great disappointment with John, that it hasn’t broken you. You somehow know deep inside you that you are still optimistic about love and I feel you KNOW the right person is out there for you.

I can affirm what you already know that John’s first love is his work and it’s the reason why so many of his relationships failed. It wasn’t just because parents didn’t approve or what he told you, but because he cannot seem to love anyone quite as much as work and his business. It’s just the way he is and can’t be helped. You certainly couldn’t do anything about that and you’ve accepted that.

Acceptance is the most freeing feeling in the world. When you accept you are free, beating yourself up from something you did or didn’t do, or for something you simply had no control over. The other beautiful thing here is you have ‘options” when it comes to work. You have gained a lot of experience in different avenues and you tend to excel no matter where you go.

This job you have until end of May you may hate it, but still you are grateful you even have work and somewhere else to go. You are extremely talented in all you do, so just remember that when it comes to work and just keep moving forward.

For your reading I pulled three cards out of my favorite deck “The Mythic Tarot.” The design of these cards are based on Greek mythology. I resonate with the art and images and hope this reading will clarify things even more than has already been revealed to you.

mythic-chariotThe Chariot:

The card is associated with victory, triumph after a long journey of doubt or trying to fix things in your life. It’s like the worst is over.

You will be successful at pursuing your goals, so long as you maintain focus, determination and confidence in your abilities.

You have these necessary tools and try your best to use them at every turn.You need to remain focused completely on the task at hand, get in the race and win it.

Your attitude is not as self-defeating as you may think. You will and can dominate and beat the competition. You must cultivate the ability to withstand the rigors of what is required.

You’ve proven over and over again to yourself that you can withstand just about anything.

In fact, striving towards your goal can be as satisfying as attaining it. This is a time to be strong and in control.

You must also draw upon your willpower and self-discipline. And when it comes to willpower and self-discipline, particularly at work, you are a “rock star!”


When I see the Justice card in a reading I see a need for fairness. John and the lack of love on his part was unfair. But he simply was not on the same page as you were.

This is where you must be fair with yourself, not blame yourself. You go over things he said or did that he didn’t like about you. To be fair, that only means he was the wrong guy for you.

So now that you’ve let him go, forgive yourself for what you think YOU may have done. Don’t judge yourself too harshly.

This card is also showing me the time has come to make some decisions. You’ve definitely done that by wanting to change the way you think and your outlook on life.

You are certainly taking all the right steps to meet the challenge of change. You know something in your life needs attention and you are finding that spiritual solution. This card shows me you have a strong conscious awareness.

You’ve learned your decisions and actions have consequences and you’ve grown wiser regarding relationships and work, based on these past experiences.

mythic-2-of-wandsTwo of Wands:

The Two of Wands is all about experiencing new worlds and embarking on new adventures. This must be the card of your future. As you are about to start a new job, meet new people, and totally let go of the past.

It’s all a journey and you are definitely up for it. You are ready to step out of your comfort zone.  It may take some courage, but let’s face it, you have plenty of that. In this card I see you trying to make a decision whether to stick with what you know or just expand your horizons.

I feel you are more into expanding your horizons than going back to the past or or familiar ground. But that is a free will choice on your part. Instinctively, you know the world can offer you something more meaningful of a greater magnitude. You also aware enough to know that if you want to maximize your opportunities you must leave familiar grounds and explore the new.

Even if you have invested a lot of time and effort on learning what you know now. Learning something new is what you are all about, and I see you facing the future with bravery and confidence.

This card is showing me your intention to get things going in your life and the patience you need to get things done. You have the ball rolling now and started your journey.

Your rewards will come. Including someone who you can love and who loves you back. I feel this is what the next phase of your life is about. Getting your career solidified and meeting the one you are supposed to be with. Because my dear you are not destined to grow old and alone.

I definitely see someone who will appreciate who you are and what you offer the world. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me in chat!





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3 comments on “Ask a Psychic: Where Do I Go From Here?

  1. Avatar

    I was thinking growing old and being alone is very sad.
    My cousin sent me this email…

    In the mean time, here are things that you should think about.
    What do you want to do ( career wise, goals in life, what do you want to achieve, etc.)
    What can you do
    What have you done in the past (achievement, accomplishment)
    Your strength
    Your opportunity
    Start writing down what comes to your mind and try to structure your thoughts.
    This will allow you to start thinking about your future goals and job.

  2. Avatar

    Cristina, I keep re-reading what you wrote, because I get pulled back to the imaginary scenes that I wished would have happened.
    Thank you so much for your guidance. I really started to see things differently, very emotional, even looking at a cat basking in the sun on the roof top looks really beautiful and makes me want to cry.
    thank you… I’ll keep going on

    1. Avatar

      I hope this reading helped in some small way. I feel you are ready for next steps in your spiritual growth and that you’ll really find the love you’ve been looking for. Be patient with yourself and love yourself. that simple advice will attract friends and love into your life.

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