Ask a Psychic: Will I Get the Job?


This week’s question comes from client who recently interviewed for a job after having been out of work for the past several months.

He ended his last contract with enough money in savings to feel comfortable for awhile, but is now starting to feel anxious about upcoming job prospects.

He recently applied for and was granted an interview in a field that he’s extremely qualified for — perhaps even over-qualified for.

And even though he feels that the interview went well, he’s starting to get nervous because he hasn’t heard back from them for a follow up interview or job offer.

His questions were whether he would hear back in the coming days with a job offer and whether this was something worth pursuing if he did. Our client (we’ll call him James) provided his birth information as well, which Melodie looked at, along with a three card tarot spread using the Mary El Tarot.

Here are her thoughts:

Hi there James, let’s start with your natal chart, which I’ve posted below. The planets in the outer wheel represent the transits for the day of your interview, which took place a couple weeks ago.


Without going into a full astrological interpretation here, the two things that stood out for me immediately were a:) how well your chosen career (graphic design) ties into your natal chart, and b:) how clearly a new career cycle is reflected in the transits as they applied to that natal chart.

Most significant is the recurrence of your natal Jupiter / Venus conjunction in the 6th house, with Jupiter at 26 Leo (and 27 Leo by transit) and Venus at 2 Virgo (0 Virgo by transit).

Because Venus turned retrograde a week after your interview, it never made it quite to its natal position. But it is retrograding back to Jupiter as we speak, and joining with Jupiter in your Jupiter return. In your case Jupiter rules “career” and is natally in your house of “work.”

There’s a lot more going on here astrologically, but for the sake of this article I feel that this transit in and of itself looks quite promising for being offered this job.

As Saturn has recently also turned direct and is now moving toward your career sector (and off of your natal Moon), and as the Sun, Mercury and Mars are moving toward your work sector in the coming days, your chances or hearing from the company you applied to in the next week or so are strong.

Moving onto the tarot, here is the three card spread I pulled for you, beginning with the Four of Disks, following with the Ten of Wands and ending with the Seven of Pentacles.

The thing that stood out for me here — especially since the traditional meaning for all three of these cards is less than positive — was the theme of following a specific path that’s shown throughout.

Starting with the first card (where you are now), the Four of Disks is traditionally associated with feeling a pinch financially. You may feel that you have to take this job if it’s offered to you because time and money is running out. But even with the Star of Hope twinkling in the sky, there’s a sense of dealing with limitations here. There are obstacles ahead and a narrowing of the path before you.

The Ten of Wands is often associated with hard work, being overburdened, biting off more than you can chew and feeling weighted down by responsibilities. The figure in this card is engulfed in flames as he rides toward his goal. This is not an easy task, but you can see that he pushes through, with his hand over his heart. The message behind this card seems to be one of never giving up, and of moving ahead despite what may seem like insurmountable odds.

The outcome card — Seven of Pentacles — implies that there is more than one option available to you and a couple of different ways to meet your objective. You can see the two distinct paths in this card that lead to the same point on the horizon. One is shorter and presumably quicker, but brings with it fewer rewards (less coins) while the other takes longer but promises greater rewards.

These last two cards make me question whether your concerns about running low on funds have compelled you to rush towards something that may not be aligned with your long terms goals. The Ten of Wands is moving full speed ahead while the Seven of Disks reminds you that doing so brings fewer rewards. You may need to stop and think about whether this position is even the right fit for you.

I do think you will be offered a position with this company in the coming weeks. But I also feel you’ll want to think long and hard about accepting it. I’d encourage you to take some time in the interim to see what else might be out there for you.

Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best.



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The cards used for this reading come from the gorgeous The Mary-el Tarot by Marie White, published by Schiffer Publishing.

Used by generous permission. Original art, as well as full-sized prints, are also available on her website.

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Thank you Marie!






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