Angel of Kindness

I had an encounter about a month ago with the angel of kindness. As I painted her, and engaged with her I didn’t realize the green triangle had formed around her.

The following morning after painting the picture I had encountered the archangel Raphael who said to me, “I stand behind kindness, for it is kindness that facilitates all healing.”

I realized that the green triangle was Raphael, whose name literally means God heals.  I then realized that it is through kindness that all healing is facilitated.

The Angel Messenger

The Message Might Be Gentle Or Roar Like The Lion…

After work, on a cloudy Friday afternoon, I decided to take a drive and go shopping because I wanted to buy a bed skirt to match my new comforter, so I headed off to Sears.

On the way to Sears, I heard this strong, abrupt voice say, “Go home right now!”

After I heard this strong voice ordering me to go home, I started to shake and almost lost my ability to drive just as I was pulling into the Sears parking lot.

I wondered what the heck this was all about, I was being told to go home right now and not shop! The Voice said “No” to shopping!

The experience shattered me, and I had to sit in my car for a good ten minutes to calm myself, after I pulled into the Sears parking lot.