Ace of Cups – Lotus Flower Soup

Ace of Cups - Lotus Flower Soup

Before I started reading the Tarot, I slept with my cards under my pillow for three nights to charge them. But the three nights turned into one year and during that year I had dreams about Tarot Cards every night and in the beginning, it was maddening because the cards kept me awake, but later I realized it was a blessing in disguise!

Did you know that you can choose a card from the deck and put this card under your pillow and ask for guidance in your dreams? Your dreams will give you a snapshot of what will happen in the future that you need to prepare for, or your dreams might give you information about something that happened in the past.

I put the Ace of Cups under my pillow and in my dream I ate the magical lotus flower soup (time to consider the contents inside the soup and its symbolism). This dream brought me back to the beginning of my spiritual development with the Master Chin Yin from China and this was the time when I ate lotus flower soup!

The Ace of Cups is enumerated one and associated with the journey of the 1 passageway in the Hero Tarot Deck. Did you know that the Ace of Cups is pure energy with no form or direction until the seeker activates this energy? The 1 vibration is a ground-breaking vibration (the magic of possibilities). This vibration is also related to a gift, a spiritual awakening that comes freely from a hidden place.

The Journey of Spiritual Development

During the early stages of my spiritual development, my fiancé and I met the Master Chin Yin from China. I remember that day vividly because I whispered in his ear and asked him if he saw a white aura around the Master and he said, “Yup, I see what you see.”

After that visit, we booked a three-day retreat and during the retreat I became an ex-ray machine and saw through the Master’s body. I saw her chakras beaming in vivid color and it was crazy! This was the day of my spiritual awakening and the time when my visions and psychic abilities started blooming.

This spiritual retreat taught me how to find my higher vibration, that special place within. The retreat helped me learn how to turn off all the noise and connect with my special place within that had always been there but was waiting for the right time to emerge.

Meanwhile, I had a vision featuring a cartoon reptile with sad eyes and the reptile was the size of a dinosaur! I feel the reason I was shown this vision was to warn me that I was going to experience something painful because of the sad eyes. After I had this vision, my fiancé left my life and became extinct just as the dinosaurs did. The dinosaur vision meant that I was never going to see him again and I felt this vision came from a higher source to help me accept that he was never coming back.

After I got through the blubbering mess stage, I took a detour and entered the three stages of healing. The First Stage = The Dear Jane Event, the traumatic life-altering event. The Second Stage = Analyzing the past every day and this stage lingered for a long time! The Third Stage = Acceptance and recovery when I discovered that my fiancé was a man who walked the path of broken promises and lies. He could not tell me truth and made up a BIG STORY so I would feel sorry for him. This way he could exit my life and never give me the proper closure I deserved!

Even though my experience with my fiancé was heartbreaking, I realized he was the open traveler who was passing through my life for a short time to help me meet the Master Chin Yin. But once the job of meeting my teacher was done, the open traveler would leave unexpectedly because his work was done!

After I sewed up my broken heart and healed my cluttered head, I realized that I had something to look forward to and I felt motivated to keep growing with my spiritual development. At that time in my life I was not ready to commit to anything except study. I felt that any kind of commitment would make me feel boxed in and I would fall into a depression if I stopped learning and developing.

I felt the universe gave me the key to the passageway of the five vibration and sent me on a spiritual quest – the addictive adventure of study. The 5 vibration pushes you to learn about everything you see (I saw visions and needed to decode the symbols), hear (I heard spirit talking to me), taste (I ate the magical lotus flower soup), smell (I could smell someone’s cologne after they left my life), and touch (when I touched someone I could feel their energies).

I had visions for a solid year and every night before I fell asleep the white light came to visit me, then a spirit in the form of a person came in a vision that I did not know and I thought I broke a million hearts in my past life. I realized these spirits were my teachers who came to help me learn through my visions, where I learned how to decode symbols and learned what they meant (such as the sad dinosaur vision) and my dreams. I learned what a specific dream meant.

Dreams are associated with an event that happened in the past to remind you about something specific, but also related to an event that will happen in the future, something you need to prepare for. I also learned meditation and how to quiet my mind to maintain my special place within.

Then one day, out of nowhere I heard a strong voice say, “You are going to write a book!” I was utterly bewildered, since I had formed no intention whatsoever to write a book. As perhaps one of the worst writers on this planet, my shortcomings were further complicated by the complete ignorance as to what the book would even be about!

After I heard the strong voice, I had two visions that gave me the answers I needed to solve the mystery and the birth of The Hero Tarot Deck and The Hero Tarot Book happened!




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