A Glance at your Day – the Diurnal Chart

For those who read their daily horoscope and find that most of it is general in its delivery – there is a good reason for this: it is written for the masses not for you in particular!

Sure, there may be some things that will come to the fore on any given day/week/month in these solar based predictions, but, there is no better way to see how your day may pan out than looking at your diurnal chart.

A diurnal chart is quite simply your personalized horoscope for any particular day in your life. This is due to the way a diurnal chart is calculated.

The astrologer enters any given day that they would like to look at and keep all other natal data the same. This means that instead of your birth date, we run the chart with today’s date or any date that you may want to know about for that matter. The astrologer still keeps the time of birth and place of birth intact – this is why you do need to know your birth time in order to have a diurnal chart run and interpreted. A diurnal can also help with rectifying a person’s birth time. After running the diurnal chart, I look at it much the same as I would a Solar Return. I first look at the diurnal chart as a stand alone chart to see what ascending sign is on the cusp and what the ruler of that ascendant is. Any stellar body on an angle in the diurnal has a personal impact on the person. An angle is the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. I look for the ruler of the diurnal ascendant or 1st house and see where it is placed in the diurnal chart and what aspects it gives or receives. In reading diurnal charts, it is important to only allow an orb of 1 to 2 degrees max – otherwise, whatever is being predicted will most likely not manifest or even be felt. I also look at what house in the natal chart is being brought to the diurnal ascendant. If, for example, the 7th house sign natally is brought to the ascendant in the diurnal, relationships of all kinds may be brought to the forefront for that month. A diurnal chart is usually in effect for a 30 day period of time. After reviewing the diurnal on its own, I then look at the diurnal in comparison to one’s natal chart. If natal planets are on the angles of the diurnal, this can work in the same way as diurnal planets on the diurnal angles of the chart. I then look to see if the diurnal ascendant ruler is being aspected by any of the natal planets in the chart. After this comparison is done, we can then bring in one’s progressions and solar arc directions to see if there is anything being triggered. The transits from the slower moving planets and even progressions/solar arcs can be in effect for months if not years, due to the speed of the planet involved. In using the diurnal chart, we can hone down the timing of a given event seen in one’s transits/progressions and solar arc directions. Many days, not much will be occurring in the diurnal chart, as most of us live pretty mundane lives and do not have out of the ordinary events happening day after day. But, charts like these can point out days where we may get into an argument with our spouse or partner; get a gift; get recognition or promotion at work; feel under the weather, have an accident or any other life event one can think of! Some even use these types of charts to map their “lucky days” to speculate, apply for a loan, or gamble.

Let’s look at some diurnal charts in action for different life events.







The first event will be the day a woman got engaged. In this diurnal, we have 24 degrees of Gemini rising, so, Mercury in Aries in the 11th house is her ruler for this diurnal period. At first glance, not much is happening IN the diurnal chart itself; but, if we look at her natal chart in comparison with the diurnal for that day, an auspicious event relating to her 7th house was imminent. When we enter her natal placements in a dual chart, we see that her natal Mars at 24 Gemini is exactly on the diurnal ascendant! Why is this important? Well, Mars rules her 7th house of marriage! If we look at where diurnal Mercury, ruler of her for that period of time was, it was located in her natal 7th house of marriage. Upon further examination of the natal vs diurnal we see that the diurnal Sun at 11 degrees Aries was exactly on her 7th house cusp and opposing her natal ascendant. In her solar arc directions, solar arc Mars was conjunct the natal midheaven or 10th house cusp at 14 degrees of Cancer; the solar arc Sun was at 11 degrees of Virgo. Mars is important here because it rules her 7th house of marriage. The diurnal Sun squared Mars – even though it would be considered a bit wide – about 2.5 degrees orb. The solar arc Sun at 11 degrees of Virgo had diurnal Jupiter square it. Even though she is not ruled by Jupiter in this chart, I felt it was another factor that led to the engagement at that time due to Jupiter being the ruler of the diurnal 7th house. Next, she had her progressed Venus at 27 Libra conjunct her progressed ascendant at 27 Libra which can be seen as a classic marriage progression (as well as Mars ruler of her 7th progressed to the 10th). Diurnal Mars (ruler of the natal 7th of marriage) was at 27 degrees of Aries in her natal 7th house opposing this progression, and essentially kicking it off. Progressed Mars at 8 Cancer (ruler of her 7th) squared her progressed Mercury at 7 Libra and natal Venus at 6 Libra. The diurnal Sun squared these progressions kicking them into action. Progressed Jupiter at 7 Pisces opposed her natal Mercury at 6 Virgo (Mercury rules the diurnal ascendant) and diurnal Uranus at 8 degrees Sagittarius squared these two, bringing forth an unexpected event. Again, Jupiter ruled her diurnal 7th house cusp.






This next example isn’t so happy – it involves an assault. Typically, when one has a malefic (Mars, Saturn as traditional bad guys – and the modern troublemakers, Uranus of accidents, Neptune of confusion and Pluto of criminality) on an angle in the diurnal or in aspect to the ruler of the diurnal, you may have a day that can range from mildly aggravating, to extreme in nature, such as an accident, assault or hospitilization. This young woman was hit in the jaw with a phone receiver by a transient in her store who demanded to place a personal call. When told he could not use the phone for his own personal reasons, he became irate, called her a few choice names and took the phone receiver and used it as a weapon to inflict harm. In her diurnal for that day we see:

  • her diurnal ascendant is at 16 degrees of Cancer
  • diurnal Uranus at 18 degrees of Aries in her 10th house (this house rules career) squared her diurnal ascendant, which would bring an unexpected event at work
  • diurnal Pluto at 13 degrees of Capricorn opposed her diurnal ascendant (albeit a bit wide in orb) from her diurnal 6th house (this house rules your everyday work life)
  • diurnal Moon (ruler of the diurnal ascendant, and therefore, her) at 18 Capricorn squared diurnal Uranus at 18 Aries in the 10th (a sudden accident, injury or incident at work)
  • diurnal Mars at 15 Virgo opposed natal Midheaven at 16 Pisces – Mars rules aggression, anger and violence; the Midheaven rules career
  • diurnal Jupiter at 14 Virgo sextiled the diurnal ascendant and opposed the natal 10th cusp (being that Jupiter is a benefic, this may show why she did not suffer worse injuries)
  • Progressed Moon at 2 Capricorn is conjunct progressed and natal Uranus (sudden actions) at 2 Capricorn – the diurnal 10th house cusp at 2 degrees of Aries squared this progression, setting it into motion
  • Progressed 10th cusp at 14 Aries opposes her natal Sun at 14 Libra – diurnal Pluto at 13 Capricorn squared the progressed 10th cusp and progressed Sun and diurnal Mercury at 13 Libra opposed the progressed 10th and squared diurnal Pluto – Mercury rules communication and Pluto rules criminal activity.
  • Solar Arc Moon at 13 Aquarius squares natal Pluto at 13 Scorpio – diurnal Pluto at 13 Capricorn sextiled the solar arc Moon and semi sextiled natal Pluto. The Moon rules her natal ascendant.
  • Solar Arc 10th house cusp at 12 degrees Aries opposes natal Mars at 12 degrees of Libra – diurnal Pluto at 13 Capricorn squared this point and diurnal Mercury conjuncted and opposed it at 13 Libra.

So, as you can see, there was some sort of conflict (Mars) brewing at work (10th house emphasis) that may have involved criminal activity (Pluto). All of it came together when the diurnal chart activated the transits and progressions.





Let’s look at someone who is well known and her story is making headlines right now. I am speaking of Khloe Kardashian and her estranged husband Lamar Odom, his OD and their reconciliation.

Khloe’s diurnal ascendant for the day this all transpired was at 19 degrees of Leo. This would mean that the Sun would be her ruler for that diurnal period. In her diurnal chart, we immediately pick up that something involving a partner or husband would occur suddenly due to diurnal Sun at 19 Libra in the diurnal 3rd opposing diurnal Uranus at 18 Aries in the 9th. The Sun represents Khloe and Uranus is the modern ruler of the diurnal 7th or her husband – Lamar. The 3rd house rules communications of all kinds, and it is interesting how Uranus was placed in the 9th which represents long journeys or places that you would consider more than a short car ride. So, we can assume that on this day, Khloe may have gotten some sudden, disturbing news from afar about her estranged husband. Part of the reason this has gone further than her just flying out to show compassion is due to her being his next of kin as their divorce had not been settled. Initially, she was there to make the medical decisions for him. That day, diurnal Venus at 3 Virgo was square diurnal Saturn at 2 Sagittarius. The reason I am bringing Venus into this is because in her natal chart, she has a Taurus ascendant, and is ruled by this planet. Invariably, when I see charts with Venus/Saturn transits or progressions, it can indicate a reconciliation with a former love, and in this case, we see it here. This is also seen in her solar arc chart where solar arc Venus at 8 Leo is in square aspect to her natal Saturn at 9 Scorpio in her 7th house. It was only a matter of time before they would most likely try again. It is too bad it had to come about due to tragedy. Diurnal Venus at 3 Virgo also sextiled her natal Sun at 5 Cancer. In the diurnal, Venus rules the communication 3rd house. Her progressed Moon at 8 Leo trines progressed Uranus at 9 Sagitarrius – Uranus rules the diurnal 7th of marriage – diurnal Neptune at 7 Pisces is in the diurnal 7th opposing Uranus and inconjunct the Moon. Neptune is associated with coma, drugs, overdose, addiction as well as hospitilization – all things that Lamar seemed to experience. An inconjunct aspect is one that often associated with health issues or death due to its 6th and 8th house relationship to the ascendant. (the 6th rules illness the 8th death) This diurnal Neptune is triggering the progressed Moon/Uranus contact, her need to nurture suddenly, unexpectedly her husband (Uranus, ruler of the diurnal 7th). Her progressed Moon at 8 Leo also is in square aspect to her natal Saturn at 9 Scorpio, Saturn being in her 7th of marriage. This progressed Moon is also squaring her natal Ascendant, which has me wondering if she is feeling torn between family (Moon) and husband (Saturn). Progressed Mars in her chart is at 19 Scorpio and exactly square the diurnal ascendant at 19 Leo and the 7th cusp or descendant at 19 Aquarius. Mars is important here, as it is the traditional ruler of her 7th house (marriage) cusp.

Solar arc Mars (traditional ruler of her 7th) at 11 degrees Sagittarius is conjunct her natal Uranus at 10 degrees of Sagittarius. Mars/Uranus aspects produce accidents or hasty actions and decisions. Since Mars rules her husband, when the diurnal activated this progression, there could likely be an accident. Sure enough, diurnal Mars at 11 Virgo moved to square this conjunction in her chart! This would see him as being quite reckless and throwing any caution to the wind. Most likely, the reason he has made as good a recovery as he has so far, is due to the fact that diurnal Jupiter at 13 Virgo joined in. Jupiter is a benefic and tends to help one get out of scrapes. It is like having a guardian angel. For those who understand midpoint theory in astrology, it is also really interesting to note that solar arc Mars at 11 Sagittarius and solar arc Saturn at 9 Sagittarius had her natal Uranus (which ruled the diurnal 7th) at 10 Sagittarius at the midpoint! What this translates to is: Mars/Saturn=Uranus – The tendency to get hurt or injured, mostly destructive or pernicious forms of energy. (COSI – Ebertin)  Extraordinary and unusual powers of resistance, the ability to give as well as to take under provocation, the inclination to apply brute force. A test of nervous strength, intervention by a Higher Power or by Providence, a sudden illness, a sudden accident, separation or case of death. Often, the Mars/Saturn point being hit in one’s chart is called the “death point”. Certainly, with Jupiter having influence here, he got lucky this time. It is also important to note that the 8th house rules death. Solar arc Neptune at 29 Capricorn moved up to square her natal Pluto, modern ruler of her 7th house at 29 Libra. The diurnal Moon moved up later that day to conjunct Pluto and square Neptune. Solar arc Neptune would be in the diurnal 6th house, which, when the chart is turned, becomes Lamar’s 12th house of hospitalization. Her solar arc ascendant has progressed to 7 degrees of Gemini and diurnal Neptune at 7 Pisces squares both the solar arc ascendant and descendant. Again, Neptune can be the indicator of coma, drugs for him, but in her case, possibly illusion. Right now, she has transiting Neptune making a very pleasant trine to her natal Venus. When I first heard this news about him, and her being by his side, then the reconciliation, (or, at least, putting the divorce on hold) I immediately thought, she has to be having a Venus/Saturn as well as a Venus/Neptune! Sure enough, she has both of them! While I hope that he can get help for his demons and they work things out – her chart isn’t seeming to show that occurring. Transiting Saturn will move to enter her solar arc 7th house and oppose her ascendant, it will then in the next 2 years move to square her natal Venus in Cancer – and by that time, the trine from Neptune will have passed and so will her illusion that she can keep this together. Solar arc Venus will also move to square natal Saturn in the 7th of marriage which will be in the next year and may show a renewing of their vows OR separation again. The way Saturn tends to work is, if you have built your relationship on a sound foundation and you get a hard Saturn/Venus transit or progression, most likely, you will be able to weather the storm that Saturn can stir up – Saturn makes you look at the reality of your love life and partner. While Neptune may be influencing her now and casting a very rosy and Cinderella type ending for her, when Saturn and Venus meet in the next 2 years, she will have hard choices again. If we turn the chart, we see that the modern ruler of the 7th is Pluto at 29 degrees of Libra in the 12th exactly sextiling Neptune at 29 degrees of Sagittarius. With his ascendant ruler in his 12th he can be his own worst enemy. With Pluto in aspect to Neptune – and with Pluto in the 12th which is a house of hidden secrets, clandestine relationships, addiction and self undoing (all Neptune ruled things), he has quite a road ahead of him if he is to overcome his addictions. Some of this can be attributed to Scorpio on the 7th and Saturn closely conjunct it. This can show one who may not feel worthy of love or may feel unwanted. So, they do things that push others away so that they can avoid true intimacy as vulnerability is not something they are comfortable with.

As you can see from the above examples, the diurnal chart in conjunction with one’s natal chart, progressions and solar arc directed charts, can pinpoint important days that can bring excitement and happiness or sorrow and physical harm.

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