Articles for this day of November 3, 2017

Full Moon Chakra Meditation

During the night of the Full Moon (the time when wishes can come true), I started my chakra meditation to raise my vibration level to a higher state of consciousness to meet my higher-self.

At the end of my meditation, I had a beautiful vision and ended up on a beach where I met my higher self. I am a Cancer Sun Sign and related to the element of water, so it made sense that I’d meet my higher self at the beach surrounded by a body of water during a Full Moon!

The Full Moon Chakra Meditation: In this meditation, you envision walking up the chakra ladder one step at a time. You feel the energy of each step (charka) until you arrive at the last step which represents a higher state of consciousness.

Wishes do come true when you are at this level of consciousness and have the Full Moon energies pouring down upon you. The first step of the chakra ladder is the color red and associated with the root chakra – your foundation. Ground yourself to the element of earth and envision yourself feeling safe in your environment.

The second step of the chakra ladder is the color orange and associated with the sacral chakra – your sexual passions and desires. Ground yourself to the element of water and envision feeling safe with your personal and professional relationships and know that these relationships have special meaning.