Articles for the Month of September 2017

Weekly Astrology Forecast — Oct 1, 2017 – Oct 7, 2017:

Weekly Astrology Forecast

Here is the Psychic Scoop Weekly Astrology Forecast for the week of Oct 1, 2017 – Oct 7, 2017:

This week starts on Sunday with Mercury, Venus and Mars all visible in the early morning sky, and a Mars / Pluto trine in Virgo and Capricorn. The Mars / Pluto transit is about being driven and self-empowered. The earth sign trine speaks of funneling that energy into something constructive and productive. It’s about standing strong in your convictions and refusing to be bullied or pushed aside.

Tarot Card of the Week: Release

releaseCard of the Week: Sept 18 – 24, 2017


This week we honor the first day of Fall (for those in the Northern Hemisphere). This is known as the Autumnal Equinox (or Vernal Equinox for those in the Southern Hemisphere), referring ro the days and nights being relatively equal.

The Autumnal Equinox coincides with the Sun moving into Libra (which occurs on Friday, September 22, at 8:01 pm UT) and the beginning of Fall. The Sun in Libra is all about striving for balance and equilibrium. It shifts our collective consciousness toward thoughts of fairness and impartiality. It’s objective and open-minded, willing to weigh all sides of an argument and listen to all points of view.

From a symbolic standpoint, it is associated with reaping what we have sewn and harvesting what we have grown. It speaks of conserving our energy and making preparations for the longer colder nights.

As the seasons change so must we change. We must release whatever may be holding us back in our lives, whether that means material possessions, certain people in our lives, or outdated beliefs.

Weekly Astrology Forecast — Sep 17, 2017 – Sep 23, 2017:

Weekly Astrology Forecast

Here is the Psychic Scoop Weekly Astrology Forecast for the week of Sep 17, 2017 – Sep 23, 2017:

We start this week on Sunday with Venus inconjuncting Chiron. The aspect can put a strain on your love life by forcing you to look at unhealthy relationship patterns, such as mistaking compassion for love or pity for kindness. It underscores the potential for missing (or misreading) important social cues. As with all inconjunct aspects, the key to rebalancing this energy is adjusting your own perceptions and adapting your own approach.

Angel Messages – Angelic Love


Let Angelic Love Fill Your Heart

With The Blessings Of The Universe.

Visualize the love of your angels as white light flowing through you.

Send out loving thoughts to friends and family, and to people whom you pass on the street or who come into your mind.

As you radiate the gift of love to others, so will it flow back to you in abundance.

Tarot Card of the Week: The Star

Mary El Tarot

The StarTarot Card of the Week: Sep 11 – Sep 17, 2017

The Star

On the heels of recent events that may have seen us questioning our options and perceptions, comes a reminder that even in our darkest hours there is still room for hope. There’s still compassion, redemption and the promise of salvation.

The Star card — from Marie White’s stunning Mary-el Tarot — brings this reminder to life, with the Star taking an angelic form and spreading the love out over a sea of humanity.

The angel figure in this card glides through, above and among an infinite crowd of nameless / faceless beings. She is above them and at one with them at the same time. A unicursal hexigram is imprinted on her gown and the stigmata markings of Christ are imprinted on her skin.

The human figures in this card spread out as far as the eyes can see, becoming one with the landscape and the angel herself. You can see their forms becoming less and less distinct as they blend into the hills and valleys that stretch back toward the horizon.

As Venus moves forward to conjunct the North Node, we may be thinking more about how we are all apart of one another. This transit is associated with communion, compassion and unconditional love.

Weekly Astrology Forecast — Sep 10, 2017 – Sep 16, 2017:

Weekly Astrology Forecast

Here is the Psychic Scoop Weekly Astrology Forecast for the week of Sep 10, 2017 – Sep 16, 2017:

We start this week on Sunday with the Moon — still Full — in Taurus. This is a great placement for the Moon, as it is exalted in Taurus. meaning that it’s a revered placement. An exalted planet or luminary is said to express its clearest and purest essence in that sign, in this case it’s the calm, gentle, fertile sign of Taurus.